Welcome to Maple

Maple Finance is an institutional crypto-capital network built on Ethereum and Solana. Maple provides the infrastructure for credit experts to efficiently manage and scale crypto lending businesses and connect capital from institutional and individual lenders to innovative, blue-chip companies. Built with both traditional financial institutions and decentralized finance leaders, Maple is transforming capital markets by combining industry-standard compliance and due diligence with the frictionless lending enabled by smart contracts and blockchain technology. Maple is the gateway to growth for financial institutions, pool delegates and companies seeking capital on-chain. For more information, visit
Maple offers Borrowers transparent and efficient financing completed entirely on-chain. For Lenders, Maple offers a sustainable yield source through lending to diversified pools of crypto blue-chips. The Pool Delegates that manage these pools perform diligence and set terms with Borrowers.
The protocol is governed by the two Tokens (MPL and xMPL), which enables token holders to participate in governance, share in fee revenues, and provide pool cover to Lending Pools.