Role of the Pool Delegate

What does a Pool Delegate do?

Pool Delegates manage Lending Pools on Maple. Maple provides a decentralized infrastructure enabling Pool Delegates to attract global capital and provide funding to a network of premium Borrowers, increasing their potential AUM while earning performance fees.

Each Lending Pool is managed by a single Pool Delegate. The Pool Delegate is responsible for negotiating loan terms with borrowers, performing diligence, and liquidating collateral in the event of a default. Pool Delegates review a Borrower's reputation, expertise, and performance to evaluate terms of the loan. Once the Borrower and Pool Delegate agree to the interest and collateral ratio, Pool Delegates fund the loans from their managed Pool.

What criteria do Pool Delegates use to assess borrowers?

When establishing a Lending Pool, Pool Delegates will be asked to provide Lenders with information on their investment strategy. Pool Delegates can be explicit in defining an investment strategy based on region, target Borrower industry, credit quality, and more.

What incentives do the Pool Delegates have to issue performing loans?

Delegates earn a portion of all interest paid on an ongoing basis and therefore incentives are directly aligned with Lenders.

How to become a Pool Delegate

Pool Delegates are funds and industry professionals with credit expertise in a specific vertical. If you'd like to explore becoming a Pool Delegate, please connect with the Maple team here.

Technical Information

The addresses which may deploy pools on Maple are controlled via a smart contract allow list. If a delegate passes due diligence their address will be added to an allowlist which will allow them to create one pool.

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