Operational Admin Actions


The operationalAdmin complements the Governor's capabilities by having the authority to execute essential operational functions for routine protocol management. The role holds limited powers compared to the Governor, ensuring a balance between operational efficiency and security.

The Governor retains the exclusive authority to appoint or replace the operationalAdmin at any time.

Operational Admin Functions


  • activatePoolManager

  • setBootstrapMint

  • setCanDeployFrom

  • setMaxCoverLiquidationPercent

  • setMinCoverAmount

  • setPlatformManagementFeeRate

  • setPlatformOriginationFeeRate

  • setPlatformServiceFeeRate

  • setValidInstanceOf

  • setValidPoolDelegate

  • setValidBorrower

Pool Manager

  • finishCollateralLiquidation

  • setPendingPoolDelegate

  • triggerDefault

Pool Permission Manager

  • configurePool

  • setLenderAllowlist

  • setLenderBitmaps

  • setPoolBitmaps

  • setPoolPermissionLevel

Withdrawal Manager (Cyclical)

  • setExitConfig

Withdrawal Manager (Queue)

  • processRedemptions

  • removeRequest

  • setManualWithdrawal

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