The Cash Management Pool offers daily liquidity, with withdrawals serviced every day the U.S. banking system is open. Withdrawals must be requested 24 hours ahead of time, and no later than 13:59 Eastern Time in order for funds to be available to withdraw the next business day.

How long does it take for withdrawals to process?

Withdrawals are serviced in chronological order within 24 hours every day the U.S. banking system is open, which excludes weekends and bank holidays. If a request is made intra-day on a U.S. banking day, the withdrawal will be serviced in as little as 3 hours. If a request is made on a non-banking day, the withdrawal may still be serviced within 24 hours where liquidity is available (e.g. unutilized funds, new USDC deposits), but in any case will be satisfied at the latest when banks re-open on the next business day.

How are intra-day withdrawals possible?

The Borrower has constructed a portfolio of assets which can be redeemed or liquidated in less than 24-hours, and put operational rails in place to wire fiat quickly, in order to process Lender withdrawals. The borrower will actively manage pool liquidity – this includes monitoring upcoming withdrawal requests, ongoing deposits, and near-term loan maturities, and making repayments as necessary to satisfy Lender withdrawals. Withdrawals are subject to proper market functioning, and the proper functioning of USDC.

What are the steps to withdraw?

Withdrawing is a one step process - simply place a withdrawal request and the requested USDC will be returned directly to your wallet when liquidity is available. The Maple team will contact you to inform you of the expected time to service and keep you updated on progress.

Request to Withdraw

Lenders should select 'Request Withdrawal' from the pool page, input USDC amount, and follow the transaction steps on screen.

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