The staking programme was established in May 2022 so MPL holders could share in Maple’s growth. Returns are derived from protocol revenues. Revenues do not currently exceed operating expenses so no MPL is being distributed to the xMPL contract. xMPL continues to be used to vote on key decisions, and depositors can access their balance and unstake from the xMPL page at anytime.

Stake MPL into a Maple owned and audited smart contract and receive xMPL. xMPL is an ERC-20 token and accrues distributed protocol revenues, second-by-second. For more information on how revenues accrued to Maple, see this section.

MPL staked into the xMPL contract is not used as a form of first-loss Pool Cover, lent out or used by other contracts to earn yields.


RDT audits: https://github.com/maple-labs/revenue-distribution-token#audit-reports…

xMPL audits: https://github.com/maple-labs/xmpl#audit-reports…

Bug bounty: https://immunefi.com/bounty/maple/

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