How do I stake MPL?
Step 1: Connect Wallet
Go to and connect your wallet, by clicking 'Connect Wallet' button.
Step 2: Select MetaMask
The app will ask you which wallet to connect. Select MetaMask.
Please note: If you have MPL in a Gnosis Safe, you can connect with the Maple app directly. Go to the home screen of your Gnosis Safe > Select 'Apps' on the left > Search for the ‘Maple Finance’ app > Connect your Gnosis Safe with the Maple app. Afterwards continue to Step 5 to stake MPL.
Step 3: Select Account
Select which account containing your MPL and connect with the Maple app.
Step 4: Give Permission to Connect
Once your account is selected you need to give permission to the Maple app to connect to your wallet.
Step 5: Stake MPL
(1) Once the wallet is connected you will see your MPL balance on the left.
(2) Select the amount of MPL you would like to stake. Press 'Max' if you want to stake your full position.
(3) Click 'Deposit' when you are ready to stake.
Step 6: Sign the Transaction
A pop-up will appear in MetaMask asking you to sign the transaction. Click sign to move on the the next step.
Step 7: Confirm the Transaction
In the next step you will see estimated gas costs. Click 'Confirm' to approve your transaction and stake your MPL.
Step 8: Manage Your Position
(1) Once staked, you will see your xMPL balance on the left.
(2) The Lifetime MPL Accrued will tick up on a continuous basis, based upon the protocol revenues that have been distributed to your staked position.
(3) You can see the exchange rate of xMPL to MPL on the right.
Step 9: Activate Voting Rights
xMPL can also be used for governance.
  1. 1.
    Visit the 'register-to-govern' channel on Maple's Discord
  2. 2.
    Follow the steps provided by
Stay up-to-date on everything governance in the Maple Discord or on the governance forum.
More information
At launch, Maple will use 50% of protocol revenues to buy MPL back from the open market. This MPL will then be evenly distributed to participants that stake their MPL into a Maple owned smart contract and participate in the protocol long-term.
Expected returns: Returns from staking are derived from protocol revenues, balances compound overtime, and participants can withdraw at anytime. We estimate initial APYs to be 5–10%.
Stake as soon as possible: We are bootstrapping the launch by issuing 30,000 MPL to early stakers, streamed over a three month period. That’s in addition to the DAO using 50% of monthly protocol revenues to buyback MPL from the open market - as mentioned we estimate initial APYs to be 5–10%.
Stay in control: Return to the WebApp to monitor returns, stake more MPL, partially or fully unstake at anytime. Returns compound overtime and additional utility will be introduced in Q3.
Important information: Simply holding MPL will not earn a share of Maple protocol revenues, MPL must be staked to participate. It’s important to note that staking MPL is separate to providing Pool Cover. By staking MPL you are not providing capital into a first-loss tranche.
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