How can I add or withdraw liquidity?


Lenders will be able to select Lending Pools to deposit funds. By depositing, they receive a Maple Pool Token (MPT) representing their share of the pool.
As Lenders earn interest, it is reinvested by the Pool, enabling interest to compound. To withdraw liquidity, Lenders can exchange their MPT tokens for their share of capital.
While your interest is always available to be reinvested by the pool to increase productivity, claiming interest and reinvesting the capital is the only way to increase your share of the pool.


While Lenders can claim their earned interest at any time, they must wait for their withdraw timer prior to removing their principle.
Find more info on the pool cooldown here.
Currently the staking period (pre-cooldown period in this diagram) for a pool is set to 90 days (this is a flexible pool parameter). This countdown is visible in the Maple webapp UI. The 10 day cooldown period is a global parameter that is in place as a security measure during withdrawal.
Withdraw Timeline
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