LBP Overview

Maple Finance will distribute 500,000 MPL governance tokens (5% of total supply) via a Balancer Liqudity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on April 28, 2021 at around 4:30PM EST. The Balancer LBP will last for 72 hours, ending on May 1, 2021 at around 4:30PM EST.

The Balancer LBP will start at 4:30PM EST, available for a duration of three days. The LBP will start at a pool weight of MPL:USDC = 96:4 and will gradually shift on a linear function to MPL:USDC = 4:96 over the period, creating downward pressure on the price.

How to Participate in the Maple LBP

Start by reading the Guide to the Maple LBP.

The Maple LBP Guide covers: 1) How LBP price discovery works 2) How to participate in the Maple LBP 3) Model LBP Scenarios

You can access the Maple LBP launch page here.

The Maple team will be available on Discord to answer questions and provide support to ensure our community understands the process and potential risks.