How to lend

This is the easiest way to earn with Maple Finance. Lenders deposit into a pool to earn fixed interest denominated in the pool's liquidity asset. This interest is determined by the terms set the pool delegate and borrowers. Additionally, lenders will earn MPL rewards from liquidity mining in select pools.

Before lending, you will need to prepare USDC in your Metamask wallet and ETH for gas payments. You will not need MPL tokens to participate in lending.

  1. Deposit USDC on the Maple webapp to a lending pool of your choice

  2. You will receive Maple Pool Tokens (MPTs) representing your share of the lending pool

  3. To earn MPL rewards, you must deposit your MPTs to the Liquidity Mining contract

  4. You will be able to claim your USDC interest and mined MPL tokens directly from the webapp

Deposits will be locked for a six-month period in order to fund consecutive tranches of institutional loans on Maple. There is no minimum deposit amount to participate.