How to borrow

Maple offers borrowers the most capital efficient option in decentralized lending. Those accepted by pool delegates must go through a pool-specific underwriting process prior to receiving their loan.

1) Use this loan calculator to explore how loan terms influence repayment amounts. Sign to log in and press "Continue".

2) Fill in New Loan details with borrowing requirements.

3) Under the "Company Profile" module, click "Enter Company Information".

4) Input Company Information. Once the loan is funded, only Company Name from this profile will be shared publicly.

5) If there are any changes to loan requirements or company profile, make edits now before completing the next step. Once ready, publish your "Request for Quote" to be shared with Pool Delegates.

6) Interested Pool Delegates will contact borrowers directly to begin conducting diligence and negotiating rates. Once terms have been agreed, the borrower is ready to "Deploy your Loan" on-chain.

7) The Loan Contract is now ready. This dashboard provides status updates on the loan funding. If the loan is not fully funded within seven days, the contract will be voided and partial funds will be returned to lending pools.

8) Once the Loan Contract is fully funded, borrower will be able to "Withdraw Available Funds". Any required collateral will be withdrawn from the borrowers wallet and the establishment fee will be deducted from the loan proceeds with the net proceeds of the loan disbursed to the borrowers wallet. The establishment fee deducted from the loan proceeds is split 50% / 50% between the Maple Treasury and the Pool Delegate

9) Once the loan is deployed, borrowers will be able to access this dashboard to make their interest repayments and view the terms of their outstanding loan. The final payment will prompt repayment of the principal.

Borrower Tutorial