How to borrow
Maple offers borrowers the most capital efficient option in decentralized lending. Those accepted by pool delegates must go through a pool-specific underwriting process prior to receiving their loan.
1) If you are a new Borrower to Maple you will need to create an account and go through an approval process. Complete the form and a member of the Maple team will be in touch to discuss next steps. If you are already an approved Borrower, simply connect your wallet and you will be taken to your Borrower Dashboard.
2) Borrowers can view their full loan history including matured, active and unfunded loans.
3) Approved Borrowers can come to the webapp and lodge new loan requests that will be created on chain and viewable by Pool Delegates. Once the new loan request is submitted on chain it cannot be altered in any way. If there is an error a new loan request would need to be created.
5) Pool Delegates will go through their due diligence process and review the loan request. Once they are comfortable, the Pool Delegate funds the loan making the funds available for drawdown by the Borrower. It is at this point that the loan is finalised and the repayment schedule commences.
9) Borrowers will return to the webapp to make their interest repayments on a recurring basis and view the details of their loans on Maple. The final payment at the end of the loan term will prompt repayment of the principal balance.
Borrower Tutorial
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