How can I earn MPL rewards?

MPL Rewards for Lenders of the Maven 11 and Orthogonal Trading pools will change on August 1st to align longer-term participation for committed Lenders.
To achieve that the following changes will be implemented:
  • Rewards will not be earned for Lenders requesting withdrawals.
  • Lenders will receive rewards via a deposit directly to their wallets at the end of each month, reducing the complexity and number of transactions.
Maple has used the rewards program to bootstrap growth and incentivize lending participation since launch, and this will continue by allocating rewards to those remaining in the pool. This update to rewards is part of a continued program over the last 9 months to taper MPL rewards and allow the underlying yield from borrower repayments to be the main source of yield on the Maple protocol.
The amount of MPL rewards will be calculated at month-end based on:
  • Lender not requesting a withdrawal during that month.
  • Weighted average of lending balance across month.
  • MPL price at month end.
Your existing MPL rewards earned will not be affected and they can be claimed at any time in the WebApp and you will continue to earn interest payments during this period.