How to earn

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Provide Liquidity

This is the easiest way to earn with Maple Finance. Liquidity Providers (LPs) deposit into a pool to earn fixed interest denominated in the pool's liquidity asset. This interest is determined by the terms set the pool delegate and borrowers. Additionally, LPs will have the chance to earn MPL rewards from liquidity mining in select pools.

LP Tutorial

Stake Pool Cover

Liquidity pools mitigate risk by rewarding stakers who add to the stake locker contract. Value held in the stake locker is at risk of being liquidated to protect LPs under default conditions. As a reward, stakers earn a percentage of the interest generated by pool borrowers. This is percentage changes with each pool. Stakers will also have liquidity mining opportunities in select pools.

Become a Pool Delegate

Read more about Maple's first Pool Delegate here.

Pool Delegates use a compelling strategy to find approval by Maple governance to launch a pool contract, attract capital, and commit loans. For their efforts they receive two fees:

  1. Pool-specific portion of the interest accrued from borrowers

  2. Portion of the establishment fee taken upon drawdown of each loan associated with their pool

Maple Pool Delegates undergo a highly curated process to ensure quality of liquidity pool management.